Books purchased here:

Trade value is up to 50% of our used price. We always take our books in trade with the exception of books that are damaged so badly that they cannot be read or reshelved including unclean condition.

Books purchased elsewhere:

Trade value is determined by these factors:

Original cover price, condition, publication date and our supply of that title. If a title is overstocked or in poor condition, we may not be able to accept it.

Store Credit:

Store Credit can be used for up to 50% of a purchase. For instance, if you wish to purchase $10 of used books, and have $7 of credit, you may only use $5 of your credit towards the purchase. In this example, the total cash outlay for this purchase would be $5.35:

$10.00 books purchased
-5.00 store credit (50% of purchase)
+ .35 7% sales tax
$5.35 total cash outlay

To use credit to purchase westerns, classics, Christian fiction, sci-fi, manga and paranormal romance you need to trade in those categories.

If you trade in serial romance books such as Love Inspired, Steeple Hill and Harlequin/Silhouette you can only use your trade amount on those type books. However, your general trade amount may be used to purchase those books.

Children’s books traded in are traded on children’s books only.

Hardcover titles are accepted 0nly when the title is hard to get in paperback. The trade amount is $3.00 or less depending on age and condition of the book.

Trade credit may not be used for the following items:

1st editions, out of print books, clearance items, price tags marked with “nt”, new books, special ordered books and merchandise other than used books.


Our used paperback books are priced 40-50% off the original cover price. Used hardcover books are discounted much more. New books are discounted 10%. Some items are scarce and/or collectible and are priced accordingly.

Please plan to stay in the store and allow ample time during check-in. Books are checked in first come, first serve. We hope you enjoy this time browsing and relaxing at Mt. Yonah Book Exchange.

We ask you bring in no more than two plastic grocery bags maximum for us to look through per visit.